Federica Pellegrini won the Gold medal in 200 freestyle at the swimming world championship in Budapest.

Her strength and dedication made her become a legend of Sports history and could inspire women all around the globe.

Women in Business world have indeed a great value and potential and they should take inspiration from the Italian swimmer. 

As a matter of fact, gender equalities in a work environment is still a far away goal in many countries: different salaries and positions are, for women, a daily reminder of how much they still have to fight for their right to be rewarded for what they really worth. The will to improve and a strong stubbornness are two gifts Federica Pellegrini showed to the world and to those people who considered her finished: that is why she is a great example to follow for any woman in business.

After Budapest achievement, she is a fully-fledged role-model for women who want to succeed. Let’s see 5 qualities to draw inspiration from: 

1) Self-will

It could look obvious, but it’s not. Federica Pellegrini faced positive and negative moments. She took on health and love problems as well as the regular pression a great athlete like her has to go through. Watching her compete with such an energy make us think that if there’s a will there’s a way. Literally.

2) Accept the Challenge

Women don’t fear dares and Federica proved it during her long career. Every time the game asked her to raise her limit with a new goal she did it. Set a target, be prepared and face it with firmness. The business world needs you more than you think!

3) Daze Everyone

As Federica did, stun your colleagues! Show everybody what you’re capable of. Devote your days to a project and face any glitch with the right attitude. Point out your talents and be ready to take what’s yours! 

4) Hold up the Pressure 

Panic attacks were Federica worst enemies. The Italian swimmer had many difficulties and one of her strongest opponents were her own mind. Be forceful as she was and react to any possible problem. Don’t let office pressure take you down, deal with your enemies and try to turn them into supporters. As Claire Underwood said, “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me”. 

5) Sense of Belonging

Even if she is the real star, Federica always put her staff first. Her team and her nation were for her a safe shelter and an incentive to make her best. Take the example from her and manage your office, your colleagues and your role with the same attention and care of Federica. Prove yourselves as leaders but never treat people with arrogance.

More and more women are succeeding in business, taking on important roles in many international and powerful companies. Women qualities and intellect are for sure winning Business cards to improve your company board and your business outcomes.

Federica Pellegrini: The role-model you didn’t expect
Article Name
Federica Pellegrini: The role-model you didn’t expect
Women and Sports have a long history, but Women in Management often don’t have the space they Deserve. The Italian swimmer can be a great example to follow to get your way in Business