Both in Sport and Business, there is one important rule: being a slave of your work doesn’t mean being professional. Stress is Dangerous, Stress Kills.

There’s a thin red line between those who do their job with professionalism and accuracy and those who constantly cross the limit of a healthy way of life: this borderline is very unstable and a loss of control could bring to catastrophic effects. 

Great athletes know that it’s important to train and improve every day more in order to reach the best results and performances. At the same time, they also know that it is fundamental to rest, both on a physical and mental level: a downtime will let them have a constant development over a long-term period, without lowering their competitive skills. 

A comparison with a work environment is here very suitable: there are too many employees or managers unable to unplug from office. 

Stress, tension and non-stop work will inevitably cause a drop and decrease of their performances. How to avoid all this? We have to impose ourselves a strict control on work time and interchange it with intense detox breaks. 

Having a position with many responsibilities doesn’t make this move impossible, also because the main goal of this work-rest turnover is to elude any loss of productivity cutback. To recharge and breath is then an essential need.

The thousands input we receive every day are not easy to digest: a complete assimilation is naturally unthinkable.

Let’s think of a Football or Basketball player: memorizing onset or defensive strategies and taking the right decision are considerable sources of stress. How could they have constant high-level performances? 

The answer is obvious: they can’t. The only way is to jump from intense training to regular rest periods.

We have to take the concept of ‘Rest’ and turn it into a positive and unavoidable must. To have a break doesn’t mean to waste your time, it means to improve your approach to work and invest on your performances thoroughness. 

If you rest your mind and body it’s not because you are a lazy person. In fact, it is the exact opposite: resting is the best way to reload those strengths any leader need, doesn’t matter if he’s a company manager or a sports icon.