Imagine a company with issues in Human Resources Organization or in maintaining specific results during its lifetime.

What’s the answer to these problems? How can it fix them?

Instead of trying to solve these problems by hiring new people, the company’s management should look for a great example to follow and take the cue from the best-Organized company of the world: The San Antonio Spurs.

Inside the NBA world, countless teams are an excellence in Sport.

They have appeal, they can enumerate amazing Basketball champions that have written the history of the game. These players make people proud of them, they produce a huge amount of revenue and they create, also, the perfect childhood dreams.

If we connect these capabilities with the talent of building a real company structure and the credit of maintaining a high level of results for decades, then the unique quality of the San Antonio Spurs oversteps the Sports Business to become a worldwide example.

In San Antonio, under the magic lead of Coach Greg Popovich and with the strategic help of R.C. Buford – one of the smarter executive ever, they have been able to show to the world how, starting from some easy principles, it is possible to touch the sky and fly within the clouds of the success.

Whatever World’s Business you are running, you must definitively have the Spurs as an example and, of course, you should steal the principles that have distinguished the last twenty years of the Basketball History.

Create a Company Culture

During his copious interviews, Coach Greg Popovich said that Spurs Culture, and his major personal satisfaction, are based on seeing his guys growing day by day.

Seeing them grinding, improving, showing their values to the people, is the base for the creation of a strong company mentality.

There are too many companies that have as a one and only goal hiring people who can produce instant results. This is obviously desired, but it is better trying to develop the right values and the sense of being part of something.  Do not only think what your colleagues can do for you, imagine how you can create the perfect path to let express all their potentialities.

Doing this, you can have:

–       More Dedicated people

–       Fewer resignations

–       More flexibility when you need something different from the ordinary

–       Team Improvement

Creating a strong sense of belonging together with Employer Branding activities, the development of a Company’s culture could be the additional value in the mid-long terms. As a Manager, you can have Instant results plus a continuous flow of productivity and healthy attitude.

The Right Person at The Right Place

The Spurs Management had the credit of building, during the years, teams extremely competitive and balanced. Alongside the Veterans, at the top of their technical and mental progression, they have always placed a bunch of young players with a huge potential. This lethal mix became their winning choice and allowed the Spurs to maintain a high-quality level (both in basketball and organization skills).

The company has a leading role and decide to create a mixed team placing senior profiles next to Juniors with a great willpower.

Also, in this case, the “Company Culture” concept makes the difference.

Their will of training new people, improving their skills and the self-sacrifice of the “Rookies” should be the main points of the Management and the HR departments.

Find new Talents

The R.C. Buford greatest gift is picking unknown talent during the NBA Draft lottery (The annual night dedicated to the new talents in the process of being Pro athletes).

Kawhy Leonard, “Manu” Ginobili, just to mention two of the best examples, are the champions who were picked by the Spurs Management while the other teams were looking someone with more talent, with more athleticism, with more offensive skills. By doing this, they were losing the focus: Do not find the best player among everyone, but the best for your system.

Many people think that picking the “next-big-thing” add a serious value to the team.

It’s not only about the man, it’s about the Destination!

A leading company needs to organize a growth path in order to protect the development of the employees and, most of all, it must stimulate the competition for a specific application.

Companies which promise a path like this obtain a double victory:

  • More Competition and a better level of application quality
  • A stable improving the workforce

Innovate Yourself without losing your “Real me”

Continuity doesn’t mean “not to renovate yourself”, and there’s nothing more important than having this clear.

Companies and Business World, in general, need to understand that it is possible to talk about innovation without degenerate. Instead, you should increase the Digital level or a specific Department without changing the identity and the cultural history that has been built brick by brick.

This building of rules, behaviors, and philosophies is too much important.

Every company, whether big or small, should “steal” these little Principles from the Best Organized Company of the World: The San Antonio Spurs.