When Maurizio Sarri came to Naples to train the famous team, Italian football lovers – Naples’ fans or not – felt that exciting pleasure of something new and unexpected

Naples is one of the last examples of how beauty – if it’s useful for a specific aim – can be considered an added value in our job or activity.

In Sarri’s case the goal is the team outcome, but on a wider scale, it can be seen as a company business objectives. 

The city of Naples loves beauty, in fact, it is a beauty: its colors, its food, its lively citizens, everything is an ode to magic and charm. So let’s try to analyze why this love for beauty has inspired Sarri’s strategy and why this is a good example for every business. 

First important rule: beauty is not a goal, it is a medium.Talking about companies, beauty can be found in their communication strategies, such as social media or any brand activity. 

Every single step in this complex field has to be done keeping in mind who the company is and what kind of goal we want to achieve. Naples football team communication  – or its way to rule and  “manage” the football field during a game – reflects the nature of its players and Naples’ people.

Only being themselves, these football players can give their best and inflame this passionate city. 

Good players at the right place are of course an important piece of the puzzle, but at the same time, the great work of Sarri helps the team develop the perfect approach and face any challenge. 

The Tuscan coach knows how to involve players and coworkers in the game, creating this way a unique working environment, with a rooted identity and strong self-esteem. 

This is what great managers do: they create a company culture and motivate their colleagues. 

Another example is Manchester City guided by Pep Guardiola, philosopher and aesthete of graceful football. However, what Naples is building here is something that goes beyond a good game strategy.

First of all, the Italian team doesn’t have the same budget of its English friends and, most important, it doesn’t have the champions that Pep Guardiola is leading. 

That is why Sarri is an example to follow. To maximise the effort and reach good results even with a low budget is the mission that any company should aim to. 

Beauty is indeed a subjective matter, but what is objective here is the path Naples football club has taken. Maurizio Sarri is managing his human resources in a masterful way and he is for sure a great example worthy any Business or Football manual. 

Naples, Sarri and the shape of Beauty
Article Name
Naples, Sarri and the shape of Beauty
Why "Useful Beauty" is an Added value to your Business