Supermen do not exist. No one can win a game, a battle or a working challenge relying only on his own strengths, skills and ego.

Teamwork, in any field, is fundamental. How to Delegates Work is very hard and we should take into consideration this capability to avoid failures and defeats.

To delegate can be a suitable solution for complex situations. Thanks to a more structured organization it is easier to manage a project as well as an entire company. At the same time, it is essential to help your colleagues’ self-esteem and trust. Participation is necessary and the engagement of the whole office can help build a sense of belonging and a will to improve.

To delegate is a very common habit in Sport, even if we are not aware of that.

During a match, superstar athletes are not playing alone, instead, they’re constantly engaging and pushing their teammates to get their best. Each one of them is part of the game, not only the superstar.


Let’s see one example. The best basketball player on earth, a worldwide icon, a unique brand and a well-known celebrity: we are of course talking about Micheal Jordan. Why did he reach all these achievements? The answer is obvious: he deserved them. Micheal Jordan was a blessing for the world of basketball, a talented athlete that could accomplish unbelievable challenges, even beyond his sports context.  


The former superstar of Chicago Bulls brought this discipline to an extraordinary level, becoming a great and eternal example of talent and self-sacrifice.

As everyone knows, Jordan gave his team incredible wins, taking responsibilities and every last shot and action of a game. But he didn’t do all this by himself. No, he did it with the support of his team. That is why he is the best example of how to delegate is extremely important in a group. 

Steve Kerr, former NBA player, Jordan’s teammate in Chicago and actual coach of Golden State Warriors, had a long and strong career in the American championship.

He was a good player, smart and with a great long-distance shot, but he has never been the stereotype of the athletic and fit basketball player.

Nevertheless, he was worth Jordan’s consideration and he was ready when the best player in the world decided to give him the perfect assist to win a crucial game and therefore the championship title. 

In that match, the leader of Chicago Bulls entrusted to Kerr an important task. That is exactly what we should do with our most trustworthy colleagues.

It could look like a silly example, but we believe we can compare this kind of situation to the one of a manager who has to learn how to delegate, instead of doing everything by himself. 

Giving to other good colleagues different assignments, you can build a better workflow and figure how to deal with stress and deadlines. Also, to delegate is an efficient way to make your colleagues feel responsible for their job. 

When we give someone a responsibility we are not saying “Help me”, but rather “ I want you to help me because I trust YOU”. 

So, to delegate has a double function: to unload yourself from an endless list of tasks and to empower your colleagues. You will have this way a general improvement of your work and your office team, with less stress and better-conducted projects. 

Like Jordan and Kerr, lots of managers should understand the importance of this kind of approach and adopt this modus operandi. 

If you want to win a game or, in our case, develop a successful project, you have to learn to delegate. Of course, before doing that, just make sure you have some “Steve Kerr” in your office, competent, prepared and ready to take any kind of responsibilities.

Fun fact: to delegate is not easy. Great champions like Jordan and Kerr, despite their mutual respect and trust, had some argues as well and once the actual coach of Golden State Warriors got punched by his teammate Jordan. So, also conflicts can teach you a lot, they can give you strength, discipline and, sometimes, a bruised black eye. 


Micheal Jordan and Steve Kerr: Learn How to Delegate to your Teammates
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Micheal Jordan and Steve Kerr: Learn How to Delegate to your Teammates
Even the best Leaders can’t do everything alone. They need a Dream Team to help them reach the best possible Results.