One of the most incredible thing in the Sport Business is how sport can be used as an example or a metaphor to represent every life aspect.

Being a famous sportsman is a common childhood dream: richness, fame, success.

Being Kobe Bryant, however, is different. It was different.

Kobe Bryant has been, for 20 years, an example of excellence, with flaws and virtues which are common in every leader. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, they are two examples of greatness and obstinacy.  They were not just capable of seeing things “outside the ordinary”, due to excellence and capacity, but what these leaders have in common is the character.

A strong and self-made character.

The Huge crowd that has characterized the Kobe’s last game has been the perfect tribute to an extraordinary career: obviously not easy, but unique and inimitable.

A Number reflects the importance of this dynasty: Millions of revenue have come from merchandising during the day that we will always remember as #mambaout.

Being Kobe Bryant means being a man on a mission. The excellence is the only gratification and the only way to satisfy his mind. Sacrifice is the only weapon, the sweat is the only way to be recognized as the best. Being Kobe Bryant means teaching to every world’s leader how he or she should be. Sport has this power, Kobe Bryant has this power.



Every leader must mold its character through his ambitions and experiences. They should steal from the former Lakers star the capability of choosing a target and the determination to achieve a specific goal.

Every manager should be able to target a goal and planning how to get it.



During every meeting, one of the most common words is “teamwork”. What does “teamwork” mean?

Kobe Bryant has shown every single night, how a team leader should work.

Let’s Throw away the embarrassing “all worth the same”, Let’s throw away the hypocrisy.

A leader pretends the maximum effort from the teammates, a leader wants the “ball” when the game counts the most. Managers should get in the game with the consciousness that they are the company’s point guards. The ball is in their hands e while the clock is running they have to choose the best situations, they have to pass the ball to the teammates who are waiting for your assist, they have to take on their own responsibilities. The One Who plays an important role in a company, in a team or in a workgroup, should have the capability to evaluate the best players, protect them and motivate them. Your colleagues must choose what type of player they want to be.


Killer Instinct

When Mamba attacks, no one can survive. When a manager decides to set up a goal and achieve it with a huge and concrete project, sky’s the limit.

The ability to attack using a specific strategy (just like a chess player, another sport!), understand when and where to deliver the winning shot is the best they could steal from Kobe.


The union between Sport and Management has always been strong. There are many examples of Managers who have been counseled and, in many cases, have hired former players to have an important guide in their team. Kobe Bryant was the “Basketball” Elon Musk. The reason Is simple: When you see something so outstanding, who cares about the negatives character’s aspects?