To be part of a working environment means to give value to the expertise of a single individual for a better goal: a common development.

Both in sport and business, the best teams are in fact made by great talents, young resourceful professionals, and charismatic experts: all of them have in common a team spirit that makes a working environment healthy and stimulating. 

Many times, however, we can bump into visionary geniuses with their own creed and way of doing things, with an unusual approach to their job and a boundless will to challenge their ideas, even when they have to face a harsh failure. 

This kind of revolutionary figure is well embodied by Johan Cruijff, easily the best European football player in history.

On a football level, we can find some milestones that define a time period, a specific game approach or style and sports innovations and revolutions: the Total Football of the Netherlands, Milan guided by Sacchi or Barça trained by Guardiola, just to name three of them. 

Cruijff was the perfect trait d’union between all these moments. 

First, he made the difference as a player, when his skills brought the Dutch football to the highest level and gave success to teams such as Ajax or Barcelona.

Later, he inspired everyone as a coach, revolutionizing football world with his own philosophy. 

Cruijff’s nature didn’t help his career in football but the resilience at the base of his strategic and management innovation is today extremely important and very inspiring if related to the business world. 

As a leader, he worked to develop a system that could create the best conditions for all his players. He built a tailor-made and high-level football setup, showing everyone his unique leadership’ skills. 

Also, his talent as a manager was clear when he had to choose the best players. The Barcelona of the early nineties was a masterpiece team: right players in the right roles with technical skills ( or know-how on a business level) and human quality. 

Johan Cruijff was an experienced recruiter, a high profile HR manager, and a unique team leader.

When we talk about these pioneers, we always have to face personalities that swing between genius and presumption. Cruijff was a person committed to his ideas, ready to fight for them at any cost. This is the kind of approach we should start from to succeed in a work environment.

At the same time, we have to find a balance between our beliefs and the dynamics of an office. We don’t have to be compliant, but try to have a positive and inventive attitude, without stepping on our colleagues or bosses ideas. The goal is to be innovative without being pretentious: this is the key to become the leader of your own idealistic work revolution.