Sports and movies are definitely a winning match. We can list many examples of great athletes we’ve got to know thanks to the big screen and whose stories left a mark on the sports movie industry.

Greatest Sports movies are much more than engaging and emotional tales: they are an important source of inspiration for those who have to manage a team or members of a group who need to learn how to work together.

Let’s see some examples.

He Got Game

An essential and inspirational classic is the conversation between Denzel Washington and his “son” Ray Allen (former NBA player) in the cult movie He Got Game by Spike Lee. The movie tells the story of the talented Jesus Shuttlesworth (Allen), the best young Basketball player in the United States, and his choice about his academic future and his Career in the sport.

The screenwriters made a stunning job with the dialogue between father and son during their one on one match: in their words, we can sum an entire plot based on the effort of taking hard and important life decisions.

This is what happens every day to managers who have to make risky choices and are always under pressure.

The movie underlines how difficult it can be to act like a leader and carry all the responsibilities: unreliable collaborators, self-serving colleagues and disregards for values and people feelings are some of the many obstacles managers have to face.

Lee, as an experienced storyteller of the hood, shows us all these problems in a spectacular way. For those who have to manage a company, the issues of a young guy from the ghetto can be seen as the complications of the business world.

Blue Chips

From a hoop to another, Nick Nolte give us a great performance as Peter Bell, a dedicated coach ready to break the rules of college in order to reach the best results of the entire national championship.

The script highlights any single limit of the business world, pointing out the need to focus on the right human values (the final redemption of the main character is the apex of this need).

In a company, great results can be reached with hard work, observance of the rules and respect for colleagues and human relationships. At the heart of entrepreneurial success, there is the ability to guarantee specific company values, guidelines on which a manager should start building the whole structure (management of the employees and the newcomers as well as the general direction of the work).




Talking about movies, especially American films, the concept of payback is one of the main topics. The “second chance” is the idea that many screenwriters use to share with us a story of high ethical values and great inspiration. An example is Invincible of the director Ericson Core.

Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg) and his real story are a sincere example for many young people who fight every day for their job. In life and more in detail in business, the only way to reach your goals and live your dreams is to keep on working and follow your ambitions. Never turn back.

Seize the moment, in business as well as in sports, if you want the best opportunities you have to be prepared and trained. Challenge, competition and a daily effort: these are the topics of the movie, the same topics that any young professional has to deal with when approaching the world of business management.  


Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans by Boaz Yakin brought to the big screen the story of a young team of football of the H.C. Williams High School, Alexandria, Virginia.

Actors Denzel Washington and Will Patton show us the hard time a manager could have in the most honest way: directing an office is not easy, nor is finding a balance between resources and the dedication requiredDenzel Washington is the archetype of the manager that has to develop the right strategy and find a new path for his company.


So, ultimately, what are the best inspirational values for a manager and the background one should hope for? Easily said: faith in our ideas, committed colleagues and the ability to know when it’s time to take a step back for the good of the group.