Roger Federer is not just a Sports role model or a legendary brand: he is also the perfect archetype of how an employee should behave in an office thanks to his Professional Skills Examples.

Tennis isn’t a team sport and it’s very difficult to consider Federer as a suitable example for an office or for a project team. In some cases though, even a sport played by a single person can be a great inspiration, especially if the main starring is the perfect representation of the Talent.

Analysing Roger Federer’s moves, speeches, body language and extra-sport activities, we can definitely learn how to become a better employee following his example.


1) Education

Whether is a gift donated by his family or a simple Switzerland way of being, his education and kindness make Roger Feder the Perfect Employee. There is a huge difference between a well-behaved person and a “yes-man”. The first case is an important example of how we should approach everyday life in an office.

2) Work Ethic

If you want to be the greatest, you have to work! There’s no secret recipe. Maintaining a good shape with a healthy and safe lifestyle is the best approach to the everyday practice. Even if you’re the number one, you must keep working.

3) Collaboration

Many times Roger Federer showed the world the incredible heart he has and the dedication he puts in his charity activities. This is just another example of collaboration, an important value that Employees should believe in. The way you help your colleagues and a positive approach are important elements when it comes to evaluating the “in-office” behavior.

4) Challenges

Facing another incredible athlete as Rafael Nadal has been an important achievement for Federer and, probably, his luck. The daily need of improving himself represents the passion and the abnegation of the perfect employee. A very competitive workplace is not a problem, it is a great opportunity.

5) Hungry

Stay Hungry! isn’t just a famous motto, it is the way of being of every athlete. Competition is the daily food for the more ambitious athletes and Federer is still (at 36) the perfect example of what “Stay Hungry” means. Only who wants to win as much as he, will achieve great results.