Here’s the truth: to speak doesn’t mean to communicate. When you are part of a working group as well as a sports team, the right way to interact with your colleagues or teammates is one of the most important soft skills. So, we’d all better learn how to talk with each other in order to reach the results we are aiming at. 

To give you a perfectly suitable example we, once again, could look at the resourceful sports world, this time analyzed through the cult-movie Any given Sunday.

The Al Pacino speech to his team is exactly what we are talking about.

Performing coach Tony D’Amato, Al Pacino, with great charisma and the right words, shows us how it is possible to motivate and encourage your teammates to make their best. 

Of course, you don’t have to be Al Pacino or the successful manager of a multinational company. If you want to improve your communication and, hence, the results of your own working team you only have to follow five simple steps.

1. Get to know your colleagues

An undervalued aspect is for sure the ability to understand who you are dealing with. To know your colleagues or teammates doesn’t mean to know their personal life, but their nature, what drives them and their way of reacting to given words or actions.

A real leader must be able to deeply understand the team is managing in order to use the right approach and words, depending on the subject is talking to.

2. Timing 

Timing is, almost, everything. To give you an example, let’s think about the mood of a basketball or football team or a tennis player after a terrible defeat: a leader – in this case, the coach – must know what he can or can not say. He must be in control of the emotional dynamics of the group and be able to supervise them to have a positive outcome in a long-term period.

3. Specific goals

One of the most common issues for every high-level player – in any sport – is the huge quantity of data, instructions, and information that their technical staff is giving them. The ability to learn and store all this data is very low: that is why we need to optimize these data and establish a priority for all the requests we ask our team. 

It is essential to identify 2 or 3 key points for any communication: 

  • Targets
  • How to reach them
  • Why

If we want to achieve our goal, this must be a starting point for any possible interaction with our co-workers.

4. Take your responsibilities

Responsibility motivates us, both physically and emotionally. If a project goes wrong and a leader takes responsibility for that failure, explaining what happened with the right awareness and tone of voice, he will gain great respect from his colleagues. Don’t point fingers at them, instead, make them understand what are the reasons for a negative outcome.

5. Words

For a successful communication, you have to choose carefully any single word. These 5 steps are connected to each other and, if applied together, they can improve the value of your communication. 

In movies, politics as well as in a family relationship, communication has a fundamental role and we must know what to say and when it’s time to talk. To become the leader of a group, both in sport or business, we need the right dose of charisma and skills and, most important, we must understand how communication goes way beyond words.