Thomas Jefferson once said: “Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances”. The cleverness of a great leader is measurable from his ability to manage a team, a difficult situation or project with a positive mental approach.

There is no secret recipe to be the best manager on earth, but for sure there is someone who can easily aim for the title: Carlo Ancelotti. The famous Italian football coach (brand new Napoli coach), since the beginning of his career based his leadership on calm and serenity.

The right management of resources is an art and Ancelotti is a master: considering his sports background, his “Palmares” and the many positive feedbacks of players he trained, he can be considered an excellence we must take as an example.

He knows how to manage a team and we must learn his style and strategy based on calm. We can list many quotes from his book “Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds, and Matches”, a cult book for sports lovers and everyone who has to deal with strong personalities in any working environment.

His modus operandi is the result of his roots. His father passed on his sense of duty and taught him to be humble and always try to create a peaceful and familiar atmosphere in the “family”. These values are typical of that Italian rural society.

To understand the development of this managerial approach, we suggest the reading of “Quiet Leadership: Winning Hearts, Minds, and Matches”, a cult book for football lovers and real handbook about leadership and management of human resources. These qualities on which Ancelotti set up his approach, can be an added value in any kind of company, not only in football.

Many big brands are now focusing on the development of a company culture and a positive environment in order to:

– guarantee calm and balance to their employees
– enhance talent retention
– improve the performances of any single person

Human resources managers, anthropologists, and big companies should learn from Ancelotti way of managing his teams. Together with his players, he creates a sort of family based on loyalty and devotion. As Ancelotti says, “loyalty towards people”. 

This philosophy can be adopted between teammates  – to improve their mutual empathy – and against strong personality – to preserve the team balance.
Let’s think about how Ancelotti had to face presidents with strong personalities and egomaniac players. He was the filter between them and the team, and he was able to canalize their added value in the group.

In a world of numbers and attention-seeking behaviors, Ancelotti shows us that a different approach is possible. He is the perfect union between experience and results, ability and zen philosophy (or Italian rural philosophy). He is a unique coach and a beloved leader that could win over many colleagues thanks to his leadership based on human values over technical skills. 

For those who want to improve their management skills with a different approach, the “quiet leadership” of Ancelotti is a model to follow and apply in all its aspects.