In this data-driven world, to take the right decision we must change our way of thinking. So far, any choice has been based on the analysis of numbers and past experiences, but the speed and effect of actions in business, tells us that ‘reactions’ are not an option anymore, we must take – from now on – proactive decisions. 

Talking about knowledge and analysis of data, technological developments – such as AI – are for companies important tools to establish this kind of approach. 

Let’s focus on a specific sector: health. Prevention is better than cure: this quote is quite accurate in the health field, more than in any other area of interest. Besides this aspect, we have to consider how much athletes are involved in business nowadays. Conclusions are easy: technological developments in sports can help the players preventing injuries and improving their training, but most importantly they can increase the economic value of the athlete in time. 

Recently, the NBA franchise of Sacramento Kings signed a contract with Connection Health society. Their partnership will be based on the use of their own algorithm in order to supervise the athletes in their performances, training, and health. They will be able to identify what aspect of the player’s performance needs to be improved or what injury to prevent, but also – thanks to a specific AI system – it will be possible to perfect their rest and the amount of physical work needed to avoid accidents or traumas.

This new field, called Analytics Healthcare, is now focusing on the preventions of ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), one of the most common sports injury. The Auburn’s Biomechanical Engineering Department is studying specific exercises and thanks to data they are developing individual prevention plans to reduce the percentage of knee injuries. 

We can now see how a proactive approach is at the base of any future development in the sport-medical field. Also, the same approach should be applied to any other business.

In a near future, besides a normal prevention and the improvement of the technical, physical and motoric development of an athlete, we will see a real-time data analysis, that will help the technical staff and let them take instant decisions after specific outputs. We are now entering the real-time Practicing era, with extraordinary improvements for the development of the sport-business world. 

If years ago the main problem of any business was how to get data, now it is how to analyze them and draw conclusions. 

What we want to focus on is the fundamental transition from a “reaction” approach to a proactive one. 

To rule the future market, a company will have to apply radical changes to its strategies and take decisions in a proactive way with the help of data.