Being a great Football coach means being a Great Leader.

A team is usually made up of champions, stars, good players, injured or unhappy players, newcomers and departures. So, talking about leadership, who better than the coach can be identified as the role-model for managing a team?

However, not everyone has the same approach to leadership, also because there is not a specific and unique way to be a leader and Managing a Team.

Different personalities, goals, experiences and, most of all, context require a different approach to the management of a working team.

1 ) Antonio Conte

Charisma is the ace in the hole of the Italian manager. His approach as a leader is based on a constant high level of focus, creating this way a strong feeling with his team in terms of trust and willpower.Conte is a passionate and hot-tempered leader, ready to fight for his team. In exchange, he pretends from the group results, commitment and a sense of responsibility. He is a great inspiration to anyone who wants to reach high-level outcomes by training hardworking resources. 

2) Pep Guardiola

Guardiola instead has a specific approach: he has his own idea about playing and he wants to “convert” the team to his philosophy. With resolution and a lot of theory, he’s determined to spread his idea of the game to the team. He’s then a great role-model to those who want to shape their team through their way of thinking. He wants his resources to work with a specific plan and he’s very good in transferring his own beliefs to the group. 

3) Claudio Ranieri

Ranieri’s approach as a leader is totally based on building a trusted relationship with his team. He leaves extreme freedom to the players, avoiding rigorous scheme or a strict game philosophy. He’s an empathic trainer who always put his resources first and whose goal is to give them the most comfortable game conditions. On a company level, he would be the archetype of the easy going and friendly manager, able to transmit calm and confidence to his employees. In this way he is also able to reach precise results, highlighting each one talent and skills.

4) Jose Mourinho

The Portuguese coach is one of the most successful trainers of modern football panorama. He always knows how to manage his team by enhancing the qualities and limiting the weaknesses of the players. He always pushes his resources to do their best and on a company level, he would be a persuasive motivator. He would fight for his employees as much as he does on the side field, and thanks to his great oratorical quality the company would blindly trust his management. Thanks to his technique and focus on details, Mourinho is an outstanding trainer worldwide recognized, a leader capable of molding his resources into high-level players.

5 ) Marcelo Bielsa

 Known as “El Loco”, Bielsa is the living representation of creativity. His way of training is completely revolutionary and outlandish. On a company level, he would be the perfect mix between inspiration and expertise. He’s a seasoned and competent coach who is always ready to question and shake up his ideas. Bielsa is the tangible example of a management based on the will to try new strategies and plans. Thanks to his way of ruling the team, we can learn how to reinvent our ideas and develop a new approach to work based on the enhancing of the employees: try his method and push your resources to reach their best results. 

5 ways to Manage your Team: Get inspired by 5 great Football Coaches
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5 ways to Manage your Team: Get inspired by 5 great Football Coaches
Managing a Team is not easy, but the right Behaviour, a Strong Personality and a Wide Angle Vision can help you become a Great and Respected Leader